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office software solutionsWith our current billing service clients, we have used five different office software programs. We decided to sell only Genius Solutions Inc. e-Thomas Software and its EHR partner Addison Health Care’s WritePad Electronic Medical Records Software.

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Here is why we decided on
e-Thomas and WritePad:

User friendly:

Both formats are very user friendly and keep work flowing smoothly. Patient Information is kept together in one easy to use tab. Families can also be kept together for ease of sending out bills and taking payments. All the balances show up in one place rather than having to check each account separately.

Ready use of data:

The most commonly used data is kept together for ease of follow through.


Patient information is readily accessible and organized for ease of use.


Every user is assigned a predefined level of security, and every action taken when logged into the system is recorded under that user. This allows the office manager to monitor staff security and training, and makes it easy for staff to review their own work by running different reports.


Both formats enable the user to customize the software towards their clinic’s own use patterns.


Both formats integrate data easily between each other.

Appointment Book:

All aspects can be easily customized to meet the clinic’s specific needs. There are unlimited columns for high volume offices.

Electronic Billing:

Procedures are kept in an organized and easy to find ledger and claim list. Differences in insurance applications are easily noted and recognized.


It is easy to place notes and find them later on.

Insurance Card and Driver’s License Copies:

These can be imported right into the system for future review. No more having to pull the paper file!

Data Scanning:

Scan patient EOBs, doctor referrals, x-ray or CT or MRI reports right into the patient’s file for easy review and recall later.


Claims are organized according to what the insurance company sees. The exact lines that are billed to the insurance company are also kept together in the system. This enables accurate posting and monitoring of delinquencies. After all, it is easier to work with an insurance company if you both are on the same page.

Claims Posting:

Posting payments and changes can be done easily and systematically, saving you time and energy.

Note Randomization:

Notes are easy to randomize in more than 18,000 different ways.


Systems are fully customizable to work with how you do business in your office.


WritePad EMR is Government ONC-ATCB Complete EHR Certification number 12152010-1934-1 (You can look up the certification here). This means you get incentive checks in the mail from the government! No waiting for the software to get certified — we are already fully certified!

These are only some of the reasons we love e-Thomas and WritePad; call us at (866) 557-0313 for a customized demo to see how these systems can work in your office.

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