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Write Pad EMR SystemsMichelle’s Billing Service Inc. and Addison Health Systems Inc. are proud to announce the successful completion of the GOVERNMENT ONC-ATCB Complete EHR Certification of our WritePad EHR suite of products.

Since 1985, AHS has been a pioneer in providing innovative EHR technology while maintaining excellent customer service and support. WritePad’s EMR GOVERNMENT ONC-ATCB Complete EHR Certification number is 12152010-1934-1. View the full certification here (click on Ambulatory Practice Type at link).

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WritePad™ is the most sophisticated and fastest randomized S.O.A.P. note documentation system on the market! WritePad™ will allow you to generate patient notes and reports in 10-15 seconds, including a complete Subjective Complaint Section, Spinal Exam, Full Extremities, Dermatomes, Postural Analysis, Vital Signs, ROM, 300+ Ortho/Neuro tests, Complete ICD9 Diagnoses Codes, Complete Adjustment/Therapy Procedures, as well as Body Areas (including Skeletal, Musculature and Nerves). Our randomization gives you the confidence that your notes and reports never look canned!

WritePad™ Program Modules

In an effort to move you and your practice into a streamlined “paperless” environment, Addison Health Systems recognizes the need to expand the capabilities beyond report generation. WritePad™ Program Modules act as add-ons to the basic installation to extend features such as improved Case Management, Patient Information Transfer, Prescription Drug Module, User Management and Messaging, Alert Protocols, Patient Summary, Graphing Utility, and Audit Fee Ledger/Billing Links. These modules can be added quickly and easily to your basic installation of WritePad™ to help economize your practice.

WritePad™ Specialty Modules

What could be better than using WritePad™ to quickly create randomized-text SOAP notes and reports? WritePad™ Content Modules allow you to choose and use a set of screens that will benefit your practice the most. If you are a multidisciplinary doctor, or if your clinic is multidisciplinary, you can mix and match several Content Modules and add them to the basic WritePad™ installation, empowering you and your staff to quickly create different types of notes and reports that are specific to each discipline your clinic houses.

Currently the following modules are available:

  • Accupuncture
  • Appied Kinesiology
  • Care Tracking
  • Clinical Laser Skin Care
  • DC
  • DC techniques
  • Family Practice
  • Geriatric
  • Internal Medicine
  • Neurology
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Orthopedic
  • Pain Management
  • Pediatrics
  • Physical Therapy
  • Psychology
  • Radiology
  • Rehabilitation Manager
  • Respiratory Therapy
  • Virtual Physician’s Assistant Module
  • Electronic FeeSlip

    Electronic FeeSlip (EFS) is a program ancillary to WritePad that can export information to selected Windows-based Billing platforms. EFS acts as a translator, automatically sending CPT/charge information from the WritePad environment to the billing software. Electronic FeeSlip also allows your staff to setup conflicting CPT code flags, approved procedure lists and replacement procedure lists to increase accuracy and efficiency in your billing practices.


    WriteLinks is a standalone application that allows for the transfer of data from selected Windows based Billing platforms into the WritePad data structure. The original design of WriteLinks removed the duplication of work by allowing clinic staff to input demographic information in the billing software and then export that data directly to WritePad, reducing the amount of time and inaccuracies created by keying in the same data. Recently, with the implementation of a standard XML format, the number of billing platforms supported has grown and allowed for the integration of the WriteTouch online patient intake service.


    The WriteTouch service was developed in part to extend the capabilites of the Virtual Physicians Assistant module. With WriteTouch, gathering patient intake information (demographics, patient histories, etc.) is no longer limited to the waiting room, or even the clinic. WriteTouch is a service that allows WritePad users to upload health care information forms to the internet so patients can input information about their history and condition prior to their appointment or visit. Using WriteLinks, the encrypted patient information can be downloaded and processed into WritePad at a designated interval.

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