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With the advent of the Internet, electronic claims filling, HIPPA, NPI and all the rest, Electronic Medical Records (EMR) are quickly becoming a thing of the present. The great thing about EMR is this; with the WritePad system you are forced to be compliant with your coding. This enables you to withstand any audits or claims against your procedure viability. You are driven towards better records and reports that can easily be sent to an insurance carrier, attorney or any other third party payor. With awesome records your claims get paid and your overall reimbursements are higher!
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WritePad™ Program Modules

WritePad™ functionality can be expanded to meet the needs of your clinic with the availability of various program modules. Some program modules add capabilities not present in a ‘basic’ WritePad™ installation, while other program modules extend the functionality of features included in the program already.

Alert Protocol Scheduler

The Alert Protocol Scheduler is an extension of the basic alert function of WritePad. With the Alert Protocol Scheduler you can automatically schedule alerts for certain types of patients or procedures! Groups of Scheduled Alerts can be pre-set for different types of patients, different providers and/or office staff.
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Electronic FeeSlip

Electronic Fee Slip™ (EFS) is an application designed to be a conduit between the WritePad™ EMR software and the billing needs of a clinic. At the fundamental level, EFS can be used as a procedure/fee ledger. When a procedure is performed and a note created in WritePad, the procedure information is sent to EFS. EFS then allows a user to review a days procedures/charges as a charge report. This basic functionality is especially useful in a multi-provider clinic where networked workstations send procedure information to a single collection point for procedure/charges.
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User Management

Initially designed as an internal mail program for WritePad, the User Management module has expanded to become a communication module for your clinic staff. While maintaining the basic email send/receive functionality, the User Management screen now displays information about Sign-Offs, Alerts and “To-Do” messages as well.
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Virtual Physicians Assistant

The Virtual Physicians Assistant (VPA) is designed to be a secure intake terminal that resides in a clinics waiting area. Implementing the VPA module will allow you to reduce the amount of time and inaccuracy involved in traditional intake practices. The VPA helps make the “paperless office” a reality while minimizing staff/doctor time during initial patient processing.
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Write CheckIn

The Write Check-In module integrates a biometric patient verification system into WritePad. When a patient is initially registered in WritePad, characteristics of their fingerprint are associated with their demographic information and stored for later use. On subsequent visits, a patient uses the fingerprint sensor to login/logout. Write Check-In automatically communicates with WritePad to flag the user as being present in the clinic, and a filter in WritePad’s Select Patient screen allows staff to quickly sort for patients who are checked in.
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The WriteCentral module is a companion to the Electronic FeeSlip module. The WriteCentral module enables a multi-clinic organization to process all billing documentation exported from WritePad at one central clinic location.
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The WriteEFC (Electronic Filing Cabinet) module was created to extend WritePad’s documentation efficiency as well as increase it’s ability to help your clinic become a “paperless” office. With WriteEFC, you can categorize documentation and attach electronic files (either scanned or created electronically) directly to a patients file for easy access. Featuring ‘drap and drop’ and ‘browse’ options for attaching files, associating files with patients has never been easier.
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WriteMobile™ is the perfect option for the doctor on the move. This WritePad™ Program Module lets you transfer patient information quickly and easily to a seperate location, whether that is across a network, or to a laptop for increased mobility.
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WritePrescribe™ is a robust program module that makes writing and tracking of prescriptions quick and easy. A powerful addition to WritePad™, WritePrescribe™ holds over 53,000 NDC Pharmaceutical brand name drugs at your fingertips.
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Currently undergoing beta testing, the WriteTouch service was developed in part to extend the capabilites of the Virtual Physicians Assistant module. With WriteTouch, the gathering of patient intake information (demographics, patient histories, etc.) is no longer limited to the waiting room, or even the clinic.
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