Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

“We don’t have to worry about the insurance billing; it goes out and it gets done right. Thank you for showing me that report on my office. It shows how much you care about our office!” ~ Dr. Clint Dickason


“Hiring Michelle’s Billing Service has been a good investment. We have dealt with three other billing services, and Michelle’s Billing is by far the best. They track down every dollar and keep up on accounts so that they balance out monthly.” ~ Dr. J Hartley

“This is the easiest it has been in my 13 years of experience! We don’t have to file as much stuff as before and we don’t feel intimidated when we call with a question or help.” ~ Joanne L, receptionist/office manager

“Michelle’s Billing Service’s goal is the same as our office goal. Their mindset is on board with where the office is going. They take the extra steps to update and get information to the office.”~ Dr. Matthew DiLorenzo

“Checks and EOBs come in daily as opposed to sporadically or when I get around to billing. Michelle’s Billing Service tells us what they are going to do, and they do it!” ~ Mandy D., office manager

Intention Article Mac Journal Nov-Dec 2010We want to help you see similar results! Here’s a copy of an article we recently published in MAC Journal, Nov/Dec 2010, “Put Intention in Your Office Finances.

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