Insurance Billing Tips

insurance billing tipsWith the ever changing rules and procedures to file and monitor claims, we at Michelle’s Billing Service, Inc. would like to give you some simple tips to make everything a bit easier. Feel free to download them and share them with your friends.

TheĀ Insurance Copy/Scan Procedure Form can help your office eliminate paper filing and move towards electronic filing. However, a procedure has to be in place to ensure completion of accurate records.

The Insurance Company Delinquent Claims Phone Call Form will help accomplish the goal of getting your office paid. Follow it and you will be certain that you have exhausted all means necessary to get the claim reimbursed.

The Patient Insurance Coverage Verification Form can help you communicate to the patient what you know about thier insurance benefits and financial responsibility to your office. We have also included a verification form for the patient to use at home.

Follow the Top 10 Tips we at Michelle’s Billing Service like to teach our client’s and their staff.

Use this handy ICD-10QuickReference to make billing easier.

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